I have personal experience and understanding of the deep sadness felt when a pet dies and offer Pet Bereavement Counselling to support those suffering the loss of a beloved animal.

For people who have loved and lost a pet, the grief can be every bit as strong and raw as that felt over the death of a human loved one. I believe that when we take an animal into our homes they become part of our family, and we mourn them in exactly the same way.

Often this grief can go unacknowledged by those around us who do not understand or recognise the validity of our pain. But I believe it is never 'just an animal'.

Grief around an animal dying can also sometimes be complicated by the fact that we may have had to euthanise our companion, which can lead to irrational feelings of guilt that we are somehow responsible for their death.

I offer face to face Pet Bereavement Counselling and also via Skype, and because I feel strongly that the issue needs to be recognised as a legitimate loss and I want to help those in need of support so that they do not have to suffer alone, I offer Pet Bereavement Counselling at a reduced rate of £50 per session.

If you click on the small Facebook icon below you will be taken to my page Pet Bereavement counselling by Skype which includes relevant newspaper articles and opinion pieces about dealing with the pain and grief of losing a pet which I hope you will find helpful.